We continue our expansion signing to open in the Kuwait and Lebanon markets

This year we celebrate our 10 years anniversary and we have achieved one of the most important milestones in our history in the field of expansion by entering the Australian market, making us present in the 5 continents.

But our growth and expansion does not end there, a new moment of celebration for us is the signing of a master’s franchise contract with Kuwait and Lebanon, countries that are joining Iraq and Saudi Arabia in the internationalization of the brand in the Middle East, thus reinforcing our presence in the Middle Eastern market.

An agreement with 5 new openings in each country for 3 years period has been reached. This is just the beginning for two markets that have great growth potential and that allow us to access locations with a lot of potential for our product.

As a result of the expansion, we have become, in just a decade, one of the five most important brands in the world in a yogurt market, which grows every year encouraged by trends towards healthier products that are being accentuating around the world.

With the incorporation of Australia, Kuwait and Lebanon, the llaollao family will grow this year to have a presence in almost 30 countries; we currently have 152 stores in Europe, 8 in Africa, 11 in the Middle East, 55 in Asia, 15 in Latin America and 2 in the U.S. and in the coming months of 2019 we will open the first locations in Myanmar, Iraq and the Czech Republic, as well as Melbourne, Beirut and Kuwait.

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