Nutritional values

* Quantity corresponding to petitllao with 1 topping

Nutritional values
calories 82.72kcal
trans fat 1.32g
of which satured 0.81g
carbohydrates 16.00g
of which sugar 9.04g
proteins 2.48g
salt 0.00mg
  • milk
Nutritional values
calories 7.50kcal
trans fat 0.05g
of which satured 0.00g
carbohydrates 2.00g
of which sugars 1.50g
proteins 0.15g
salt 0.00mg
This combination does not contain allergens

Additional information about nutritional values and allergens here

** The toppings are subject to availability in the shop.

** These nutritional values correspond to Spain and they may vary in each country to a small percentage according to the ingredients in the frozen yogurt.