We expanded our product line with the launch of the new product: frappe.

This year, we expanded our product family with the launch of a new line, frappés. The first addition to this new line will be the mocha frappés: mocha, caramel mocha and chocolate mocha.

The launching follows our philosophy of “developing innovative solutions, with the highest quality and taste, responding to our consumer demands” says Pedro Espinosa.

All frappés share a base of liquefied ice, milk and mocha, allowing the customer to customize their drink and add chocolate or caramel flavours. This product joins our family of drinks: the smoothies and the iced drinks Sensations.

The new line of frappés includes six varieties, all of them the same size, with different flavours and formulas; at a lower price than the current market supply.

Our customers can choose between:

  • The line of mocha frappés, mocha, caramel mocha or chocolate mocha, whose prices range between € 3.40 and € 4.20, depending on the flavour.
  • Or the same flavour frappes, but with frozen yogurt on top, and the added biscuit topping for the caramel mocha or chocolate sauce for the chocolate mocha frappe. Frappés with yogurt will cost between € 3.90 and € 4.70.

About to celebrate our ten-year anniversary, at llaollao we have always worked to “adapt our offer to market trends, always preserving the style, characteristics and, especially, the quality of our product”, adds Espinosa.

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