We continue our national expansion plan with four new openings!

We set out that 2020 had to be the year of expansion throughout Spain, and we are achieving it!

Just before the pandemic we were finishing numerous openings that had to be stopped to guarantee the security of our employees and customers, but they are already underway!

As we already told you, the first one was a few weeks ago in Malaga. Now, there is a petitllaollao in the Vialia Malaga shopping center and two more food trucks: one in the Bonaire shopping center (Valencia) and another in La Maquinista shopping center (Barcelona).

Soon, there will be more openings that we will tell you about.

In addition to the openings in Spain, we have the international ones. There are four more llaollao spaces: one in Saudi Arabia where we already have five spaces (Times City shopping center), one in Myanmar (Yangon), reaching the third franchise, and two more in Malaysia, Ipoh Aeon Kinta Mall, and Ipoh Aeon Station 18.

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