Our llaotour comes to an end with the Granada Sound festival

In our commitment to continue caring, spoiling and getting closer to our audience, this year we have left the usual points of sale to bring the product to more people and respond to consumer demand.

This initiative responds to the passion we have for “continuing to expand the brand with a careful staging getting closer to our audience” -says Pedro Espinosa.

Therefore, we will be in the last music festival of the llaotour, the Granada Sound festival, which will be held on September 21 and 22, an initiative with which we seek to “create brand image, associate with moments of happiness and, above all, reach as more people as possible. In addition, we will help attendees to cool off the characteristic heat of these dates and events” with a healthy frozen yogurt.

During the music festivals our brand has had a space in which we have offered different activities, raffles, gifts and product testing for both young and old, going a step further in our quest to surprise the consumer and develop innovative solutions that call their attention.

The launching of this space took place at the beginning of June at the Les Arts Festival in Valencia, a gathering that brought together more than 40,000 people. We also attended the Arenal Sound Festival in Burriana, which had 300,000 music lovers in attendance.

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