llaollao® continues growing internationally with two new agreements in Vietnam and Ecuador

With the signing of two new master franchise agreements in Vietnam and Ecuador we continue our expansion around the world, as always, without setting any frontiers. We have managed to reach two markets very attractive for our llaollao brand, jumping from one end of the world to the other.
Vietnam is a growing market, that, in recent years has position itself as a new touristic area within the continent. “The Indochina Peninsula is a region where we have obtained very good results”, says Espinosa. “Vietnam was a key region for us to find new partners who wanted to be part of the llaollao family”, he says.
Regarding Ecuador, we consider that market as a key location, “there has been an increase in the consumption of yogurt, as it is perceived as a healthy and economic snack. Which has positioned the frozen yogurt llaollao as a key alternative for the daily diet, since it is 100% handmade food and suitable for all the public”, says Espinosa.
This is a significant step in our international expansion, since it allows us to “strengthen the presence of the brand in areas where we are already installed”, says Espinosa.
At llaollao we continue with the expansion of our brand and we currently have 124 establishments outside of Spain, spread across 26 countries in America, Africa, Europe and Asia. A great international presence that gathers a great common goal which is to offer a product low in fat, calories and sugar, gluten free, and which is also a natural source of calcium and rich in proteins.

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