llaollao® amongst the first Spanish companies to arrive in Myanmar

Our frozen yogurt continues to broaden frontiers. After reaching a master franchise agreement, llaollao will make the next stop in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. “It is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia,” says Pedro Espinosa, founder of llaollao.

Myanmar is a region of more than 50 million inhabitants that, “is opening little by little to the world, driven by a population that looks for innovative and quality products” adds Espinosa. Led by a military government, this population has been in isolation for almost half a century, meaning a new market for us.

After analysing the market and the factors that directly influence the population “we consider Myanmar a strategic point for the brand“, “due to its strategic position and because the population consumes a lot of yogurt; they take it like a snack after meals” concludes the founder of llaollao. The agreement signed in Myanmar means “the signing of six licenses in the region that will be materialised with the opening of six stores“, says Espinosa.

With the opening of this new market, we are present in more than 25 countries. Internationalization continues to be one of our fundamental objectives to keep expanding the llaollao brand and our philosophy of frozen yogurt.

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