If you are one of those people who still believes that delicious means unhealthy it’s because you haven’t tried our “Sanum™”. We will explain: three layers of fresh seasonal fruit + 2 crunchy toppings + natural frozen yogurt + 2 sauces.

It sounds good, we know, but it tastes even better.

Choose two crunchy toppings + frozen yogurt + three fresh fruit layers + two sauces.

Presentation suggestion

* yogurt

* muesli

* watermelon

* pineapple

* kiwi

* muesli

* yogurt

* honey

* This combination is a suggestion of llaollao try to make yours

Nutritional values
calories 308.53kcal
trans fat 5.71g
of which satured 1.87g
carbohydrates 54.06g
of which sugars 23.12g
proteins 7.20g
salt 0..02mg
  • soybeans
  • sesamebeans
  • milk
  • nuts