Enjoy in llaollao with the Trolls 2 World Tour tub!

Nobody imagined that just a few days after announcing the special and funny campaign about the characters of Trolls 2 World Tour, we were going to have to postpone its launch due to Covid-19, but… it is back!!

We announce that, once again, our stores are filled with fun and color with this campaign that is focused on the smallest of the house. We have prepared for them the “Trolls Tub”: a tub of frozen yogurt with a fruit topping. They will also get a magical sequin bracelet that rotates hiding the names of the characters of this acclaimed saga. There are five of them to collect!

The characters of this Universal Pictures premiere share values with our philosophy and our products, such as happiness and fun. This is why we exclusively designed a campaign for this film that combines flavor and entertainment at the same time, respecting and paying special attention to the nutritional guidelines for children.

We are waiting for you in our stores so you can enjoy your “Trolls Tub”. Don’t forget to tag us in our social media profiles!

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