We opened our first store in Australia, and we signed new agreements with Brunei and Austria

One year after announcing one of our greatest challenges since our start in 2009 “taking our frozen yogurt to the other side of the world” we can tell you that, finally, we have been able to open our first store in Australia.

The opening, delayed due to Covid-19, was on 31st July. The large store is in one of Melbourne’s most iconic shopping centers, the QV Melbourne, and it has had an amazing reception.

From the oceanic continent we already have llaofans who have asked us when we will open new stores in other areas such as Sydney, so we hope we can give this great news very soon!

In addition, we have more things to tell you about the llaollao expansion around the world. We have just signed new agreements with Brunei (Asia) and Austria (center-Europe) where we will start to open new stores in the following months of September, October and November!

By last, as we don’t forget our Spanish followers, we want to tell you about the recent opening of a petitllaollao in the Torrecardenas shopping center, in Almeria.

Our objective is to reach all the Spanish cities, so during the month of August we will continue opening new llaollao spaces!

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