We exceed 20 openings in 2020

Although this year is not being easy, we are proud that, even so, we are growing and starting new projects.

Let’s talk about openings!

On the one hand, we have exceeded new 20 openings since January: we have opened 8 spaces in Spain, and 13 more spread over Guatemala, Chile, Malaysia, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Kuwait, and the Philippines. In addition, we have reached Austria and Brunei, thanks to the agreements that we signed with both countries to develop our brand in them.

On the other hand, we started 2020 launching our latest business model: the food truck. A small, modern and flexible format that can already be found in Málaga (Larios Centro shopping center); Valencia (Bonaire shopping center); Barcelona (La Maquinista shopping center), and finally, in Madrid!! We have just opened our first 2 food trucks in this Region (located in the Montecarmelo shopping center, and Nassica shopping center), where we are about to reach 40 spaces.

These openings, and the interest they arouse, confirm that these months have also served to consolidate the new route of the firm.

This has also been the year in which the brand has begun to use a more sustainable packaging: its glasses and spoons are already made of PLA; the 100% recyclable glass of the llaoglass, as well as its delivery containers, suitable for depositing in the blue container.

There is still a lot of 2020, so we will continue to share with you all the news that this, without a doubt, unforgettable year, brings us.


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