A decade of international expansion

Since the beginning, we have recognized the importance of the international expansion and have defined it as one of our main objectives. Likewise, the international development of our brand, which began in 2011 with the opening of the first franchise in Portugal, reaches maturity today with 129 establishments outside Spain and a product that adapts to all markets, cultures and habits.

Europe is the heart of our company. We are a Spanish based company and there is where we want to continue to grow and develop new concepts to adapt to the trends demanded by the market, in order to extrapolate them internationally.

We currently have 132 establishments distributed in: Spain (110), Portugal (10), Switzerland (5), France (3) and Croatia, Turkey, Slovenia and the United Kingdom with one location in each country. In addition, we are planning to open our first establishment in the Czech Republic shortly.

Asia is key in the growth of our brand internationally since 2013 when we opened the first shop in Singapore and Saudi Arabia. Six years later, we continue to enjoy much prestige among consumers, compared to other brands in the sector. Our product adapts perfectly to customs and lifestyle, making it indispensable.

Currently, we have 85 establishments in Asia distributed in Malaysia (45), Philippines (11), Singapore (10), Saudi Arabia (7), Indonesia (4), Vietnam (3), Myanmar (2), Iraq (2) and Kuwait with one shop. The last market to join has been Kuwait which, since November, is part of the llaollao family.

In North America, one of our youngest markets, we have been present since the end of 2018 with one outlet located in the Galleria Mall in Houston. It is the market in which our product is more entrenched and where we have had a great reception. Costumers have valued the quality of frozen yogurt well above the existing offer.

On the other hand, Latin America is for us a market in continuous growth since they value Spanish quality very much. The fact that our products are made in Spain is a point in our favour, which is valued very positively in these countries.

We are already present in five Latin American countries with 15 establishments distributed in Chile (5), El Salvador (7) and Colombia and Ecuador with one in each country. In addition, this year the first store in Guatemala has been opened, expanding the company’s presence in Latin America. Additionally, we are planning to open in Honduras and Panama.

As for the African continent, it is in Morocco where our presence is concentrated since 2011, which was our first big bet outside Europe. After almost nine years in the country, culture and gastronomy have shown that the concept fits perfectly “since Moroccans are great consumers of yogurt.” The company has six stores distributed in Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier.

Always on the vanguard.

We continue to launch important initiatives that have positioned us at the forefront of the sector, allowing us to detect business opportunities and respond to the needs and requests of customers, partners, employees, etc.

Currently, we continue to develop new products to meet the demands of the market, in the constant search for quality and healthy trends, related to the philosophy of our brand and know how.

After these 10 years, our brand has managed to consolidate in the market as an undoubted leader. All the accumulated experience has allowed us to turn the revolutionary concept of frozen yogurt into an almost essential product.

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