• Posted on: 28/07/2015 - 10:02

At llaollao, we are quite busy this summer! And the reason is that we haven’t stopped releasing new and original products and topping in order to satisfy our llaollao lovers.

Some months ago we started incorporating new smoothies and topping to our menu, which are now more than 50, as well as a new version of our llaocookie, Chips Ahoy® soft&crunchy and frozen yogurt.

Among the new topping, we highlight the sauces: green apple*, passion fruit*, Nestlé® chocolates box and wafer praline; also the crunches: Milka® drops, toasted corn chocolate*, candied almonds*, Nestlé® white chocolate and Chiquilín® bear-shaped biscuits. The new smooties are: cheesecake タス® caramelized biscuit; Smarties and Nocilla®; Oreo® and Nocilla®; and ポップチョック Kit Kat® and Nocilla®.

And there’s even more! Because in August we will release something new: 5 different models of collectable glasses that you can combine your favourite frozen yogurt, just the way you want it!

Be original my friend!


*Products allowed for gluten intolerants