llaollao was founded in 2009 and became a pioneer in selling frozen yogurt in Spain. Barely three years later, llaollao already had more than 100 shops and was the market leader for the sector it had created itself, the frozen yogurt sector. We currently have shops in 13 countries on four continents and are continuing to expand at a steady rate.


The secret to our success is undoubtedly our business idea and the exceptional way it has been brought to fruition. Our yogurt, a basic, natural product that is full of goodness, is made on the premises, on demand and is served creamy at 5ºC. Together with the fact it is easily combined with other ingredients, this creates a new concept that goes far beyond the term ‘dessert’, making it part of our diet.


Llaollao is an affordable product and the business model is highly versatile and universal, being apt for any town and climate. Last but not least, llaollao works thanks to its own, standardised yogurt manufacturing process, and it makes all its products directly, guaranteeing maximum quality and optimum logistics.



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