There are many ways to eat pancakes, but there is only one unique way of doing it llaollao style. Experience the pleasure of eating our pancakes, with a fluffy consistency that will have you savouring each bite, in a unique and natural way. Add frozen yogurt, a crunchy topping and a sauce of your choice to your pancakes.

Choose a crunchy topping + frozen yogurt + a sauce.

Presentation suggestion

* pancakes

* banana

* yogurt

* wild strawberry sauce

* This combination is a suggestion of llaollao try to make yours

Nutritional values
calories 373.52kcal
trans fat 9.24g
of which satured 4.96g
carbohydrates 70.67g
of which sugars 36.70g
proteins 7.28g
salt 0.76mg
  • egg
  • gluten
  • milk