We are the number one European frozen yogurt brand in the world.

The project created in 2009 by Pedro Espinosa, then 24 years old and today our CEO, with the initial idea of rolling out a small network of stores on the Mediterranean coast, revolutionised the sector.

Such was the impact of concept on the market that in just two years llaollao™ had opened more than 50 points of sale, celebrating the opening of the 100th 2 years later.

The following years were key for the consolidation of the brand at national and international level.

Committing to a premium quality, nutritionally balanced and completely customisable product thanks to the infinite toppings, in these 14 years of llaollao™ our customers, passionate about and loyal to the brand, have enjoyed our products in more than 390 locations around the world. Let’s not forget that over this time that they, our customers, are the ones who give meaning and continuity to the brand.