candidate profile

  • Management ability
  • Commercial vision and business knowledge
  • Interest in a healthy life
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Hard working
  • Passion for llaollao
  • Courtesy and respect towards customers
At llaollao we are painstaking in the selection of our locations. Most important is that the shop is located in a place with a high flow of people. Very large spaces are not required, llaollao adapts to any space.



  • Continuous training
   Training of the franchise holder and shop staff
   Training in the preparation and presentation of new products
  • Continuous operational support
   Help in optimising the business
   Advice on promotional campaigns
   Implementation and management of promotional calendars
   Advice on new sales techniques
  • Continuous innovation, always offering top-quality products
   Creation and design of new formats 
   Renewal of top-quality toppings 
   R&D&I in new products