All the information on allergens is based on data provided by our suppliers. In addition to the allergens mentioned, it is not possible to completely eradicate the unintentional presence of other allergens during the manufacturing process at the factory or in the shop itself.

All the shops have access to a list of allergens in our products, which you can ask for at the counter or obtain by scanning the QR code found on our glass counters.

The nutritional values that you can find on this page have been obtained through analyses conducted in our accredited laboratories or from information provided by llaollao suppliers. The brand does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any inaccuracy of the information provided by its suppliers or external sources. The variation in portion sizes, preparation techniques and supply sources, as well as any seasonal or shop-related variation, may affect the percentages and nutritional values of the foodstuffs. As such, there may be a difference in the nutritional content of the products purchased in our shops. If you want to go on a diet, you should speak to a qualified expert (nutritionist or dietitian).

The nutritional values provided on our website exclusively correspond to Spain.

The nutritional values vary according to country, as we use locally sourced raw materials to make our products. By doing this, we ensure a product that is fresh, that contains as many nutrients as possible and that always has the best flavour.

llaollao®, as part of its unwavering commitment to offering high quality products, undertakes rigorous quality controls to ensure that the standards of the brand are complied with in all of the countries where it is located.

llaollao® always makes its frozen yogurt with skimmed milk and natural sugar-free yogurt. Therefore, the nutritional values of our products in each country, although different, have very similar characteristics.